• Use the same mic's your favorite podcasters are using!


  • Get the same HD quality video they are putting out!

  • Stream LIVE to your fans and start to build your audience faster! 

"This is one of the dopest places to work. You feel like a pro, and it makes you take your game to the next level. The people around you notice the quality."  

 - Doug Brown




5670 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Record your podcast, audio only, using Shure SM7B microphones in the studio, with an in studio engineer ensuring perfect sound quality


Record audio and video with the Shure SM7B microphones, Sony AX 5100 HD cameras, and the ability to run a display on the screen as well. 


Record and LIVE Stream your podcast. You can go LIVE on one or multiple platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch etc.) Using the Shure SM7B, Sony AX 5100 and Black Magic & Streaming Software!


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